Warm greetings to you from the Foerstel Family. I find myself compelled to write to you, I am Ed’s Wife years ago he waited on you guys at the restaurant, if I am not mistaken he took the picture of you too, that’s on the back of your first book, which I have read about 3 times, I wanted to let know how excited I was to find Listen for the lark on amazon.com. I am almost to the end, and I love your books soooooooo much, I liked the fact that it mention about the caribs calling the storm a hurricane, I was excited just to read that one word, I am a carib Indian from Dominica and reading Indian stories from around the world has always excite me. Thank you for great stories, We will save the books till our kids are old enough to read them.

Thank you,
Amoi & Ed Foerstel, St. Thomas

Your story is appealing from start to finish with much suspense and action. The blending of Christian and Native American spiritual beliefs is very sensitively done, and for a minister’s wife like me, it echoes much of my own beliefs. Differences of beliefs may often have common roots, and we need to respect the beliefs of others. The love and kindness shown by the Sanhicans, especially Eagle Feather and his family, and later Father Jacques, as to the “Christianity” of Reverend Hornwyck and Governor Kief of Fort Amsterdam is startling and has many parallels in today’s world, both politically and socially. You have made vivid portrayals. I found the book very enlightening historically, in its description of life during that century of hardship and colonization, both from the point of view of the Native Americans and the settlers. Again, you have written wonderful descriptions of the storms at sea, working the boats, the savagery as well as the tender, family and love scenes. I love the symbolism of the lark bringing hope and inspiration to Penelope over the years. I would recommend your book and commend it as a worthy piece of literature.
Esther, Rockford, Ill.

I have read it from cover to cover. Congratulations! You have done it! I was impressed with what a strong person Penelope was, and she really didn’t realize it. She seemed to do just what she had to at the time. I was reminded that life for many is a day to day, if not hour to hour fight for survival. The cover is strong and soft and warm all at the same time. You have done a good job and should be very proud. Bev, Grand Rapids, Mich.

I write this note to thank you again for your book. I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and a very moving story. I spent the better part of my life at the Jersey shore which made reading the novel all the better.
Pat, Big Pine Key, Fla.

Hi Jim this is Meredith. I’ve never called you before in the thirty-seven years I’ve been married to your brother. He always does the calling. I’m in downtown, rush hour, Houston traffic on my way home from work and shouldn’t be calling you, but I read the first hundred pages on my lunch hour and couldn’t wait to tell you how fantastic your novel is! I read all the time. I’m never without a book in my hands. It is so good I ordered a copy from Amazon.com for my girlfriend Sue Ellen. I know she’ll like it.
Meredith, Houston, Tx.

Hi Jim and Marion,

The book was wonderful! Penelope’s development and maturing as a character was a story in itself as she experienced the shock of finding the New World in its rawness and callous disregard for human life. She journeyed through the grieving process for Wouter and on into the relationship building with Eagle Feather, Talon, Blue Bird, Richard, Nana and Father Jacques and showed tremendous fortitude while softening to the kindness and concern extended to her and her unborn child.

I especially appreciated the injection of evil and its defeat by the melding of various characters into a capable adversary. We have all known a Reverend Hornwyck and many times their motives drive a wedge between good and caring people because of the assumed morality and ethics of the position held. Having the Maquas lurking in the background and occasionally presenting another possible cause for alarm, created a awareness that loss of focus could prove fatal.

Thank You, for the Great Work! I am changed by your efforts in a positive way, knowing that regardless how bad it may seem, there can be a positive and enlightened existence if we keeping working together to improve ourselves and our culture.

Your Friends,
Bill and Sharon Mundt, Mich.

Dear Applegate’s,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I meet you both at a craft show in Roscoe about a year ago. I really enjoyed chatting with you both. I bought one of your books. “Listen for the Larks”. You asked me to let you know what I thought about it. I thought it was a really good story and really enjoyed reading it. I since gave it to my mom to read, and who knows where it is now…. one of her many friends I’m sure has it. (I’m sure they are enjoying it too.) My favorite part of the book is when the colored gal said ” You have faced a lot worse then this when you were on the auction block. Now act like the woman you are. Make God proud.” For some reason that just really hit me. I have faced many hardships in my life…. but my goal is to be the person God made me to be and to make him proud. Thanks so much for writing the wonderful story and for keeping your families story alive. Keep writing….

God bless,
Candy Tichgelaar